Andrés Naranjo Moya: The landscape, Man and the environment where he lives

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Nature in its pure state, every corner has its own haven of peace.

The great natural wealth has been the cause for Man dwelling the land since time immemorial and obliges him to intervene in the landscape by removing its natural vegetation and by replacing it with crops to take advantage of its resources. Campo de Montiel is full of endless colours and shapes, of prehistoric vestiges among a wide variety of natural contrasts, water, stones, mountain chains, hills and valleys in which Man’s tracks live in perfect harmony, cultivating through centuries, sown fields and plantations of extraordinary beauty that ensemble marvellous sights with the literary character of don Quixote.

In Campo de Montiel we feel proud of our homeland and we want to share its sensations and image with the rest of the world.

Saint Ambrosio: “Nature is the best sign of the truth”.

Buffon: “Nature is the outer throne of the divine magnificence”.

Hipocrates: “Nature Works without masters”

Nature in its pure state, every corner has its own haven of peace.

Landscape and character embrace to each other at Campo de Montiel.

In spring Nature decides to appear generously. The green makes its appearance, it is its favourite colour…!

Andrés Naranjo Moya