cabecera el campo

The first thing that will surprise you when you step on this land is the beauty of its simple, calm and intense environment. A sea of land broken down into beautiful colours full of shades. It is the preferential place that the light has chosen for a peaceful nap. All the colours are present: greens, reds, ochres, browns, oranges, blues, yellows… all of them quiet and submissive to this land that plays with them at ease, either giving life to them or removing it from them and turning the colours into master brush strokes of colour providing joy to our eyes and peace to our spirit.

Depending on the time of the year in which you visit this land, you will be able to enjoy different colour ranges, as this district, Campo de Montiel, has the capability of completely changing its look in just a fortnight.

Autumn is a large blanket of soft ochres and browns. The expected winter rains, upgrade the tones turning the colours into more intense and deep. If you come in Spring, you will see as the colours blow up and only the land, this land, is able to hold them, by drawing well defined colourful tapestries. When Spring matures and the Sun starts stealing the blue from the wheat fields, the chromatic spectacle is as bright as to go through our bodies providing us with an incomparable peacefulness. In the Summer,  Campo de Montiel is the devastating sun’s mirror that, year after year, wants to take ownership of it with no success.