Thanks to José María Lozano Cabezuelo, for his unconditional support, for always giving me the words I need and for bringing to this website 24 writings of friends linked to each other by their love to Campo de Montiel, to this website.

Thanks to Andrés Naranjo Moya, Antonio Alfonsea Patón, Antonio-Bernardo Rodríguez García, Carlos Javier Rubio Martínez, Carlos Villar Esparza, Carlos Piqueras Medina, Carlos Chaparro Contreras, Clemente Plaza Plaza, Daniel Calixto Garrido, Daniel Lillo Castellanos, Esteban Rodríguez Ruiz, Guadalupe Díaz Muñoz, Jorge Juan Cerro de Lara, José María Arcas Valero, José María Cortés Saavedra, José María Lozano Cabezuelo, Juan José Guardia Polaino, Justiniano Rodríguez Castillo, Mª Ángeles Jiménez García, Mari Carmen Molina García, Mª José Manzanares Castellanos, Quintiliano Gallego Moya y Vicente Castellanos Gómez, for their writings always in favour of our land.

Thanks to Sergio Alcázar, Manager of the Mancomunidad, for trusting this project from the beginning.

Thanks to the Asociación de Amigos del Campo de Montiel, for encouraging me of the need to create “district awarness”, as the very origin for prosperity, and thanks to the magazine La Ruta and its collaborators, for letting me use some of its articles.

Thanks to Francisco Gómez Santos, Vicente Mena, Eusebio López Villanueva, Lucía Briones Marín, Paulino Núñez for giving me some pictures or texts, for taking me to places I had never been before or for clarigying any doubts.

Thanks to Guillermo Pérez and family, for their unconditional support to my personal projects linked to Campo de Montiel.

Thanks to my wife and my sons, because most of the time I have devoted to this web, it is the time I have taken away from them.

… and thanks to those who visit this page, for your attention, curiosity or interest in this magnificent District to be discovered yet.