Welcome to Campo de Montiel

You, my friend Internet surfer who have arrived at this page, only you know how (and Google, too) who in your journey through the Internet sea you have spotted this LAND by chance and you have fixed your sight on its colours and textures, who have been enchanted by it, by the sight of giants where there were giants although they looked as mills, we invite you to follow these humble pages and we expect to cope with your expectations and to awaken in you such an amount of interest as to detach your backside from the chair, your eyes from the screen, so that you dare come to the old and well known (Cervantes dixit) Campo de Montiel…

If you do so, we assure you that it will not be the end of your trip, but the beginning of an adventure accompanied by unforgettable friends; by universal characters such as don Quixote and Sancho Panza; by top literature authors such as don Francisco de Quevedo, Jorge Manrique or Lope de Vega; by devoted people and saints such as Santo Tomás de Villanueva, Friar Tomás de la Virgen or Sister Mariana de Jesus; by painters and artists such as Fernando Yañez de la Almedina, Matías de Arteaga Alfaro or Gaspar de la Redonda; by humanists such as Bartolomé Jiménez Patón, Fernando Ballesteros Saavedra or Pedro Collado Peralta; by historical personalities such as Anibal, from Cartago or the Fair King, called by his enemies the Cruel, Pedro I of Castile, who was killed in an unequal grief by his bastard brother Enrique II, at the foot of our Estrella castle, in Montiel.

Do not let them tell you, find out better in our videos!