This site was born from the distance and the return. When one gets apart from what is beloved, one misses it and in the return, one appreciates and enjoys it much deeper.

If you have never been to Campo de Montiel… you should know that you will find a lot of good things in this land. You will enjoy a unique environment and villages that still have the flavour of village, with no excessive labels nor wrappings that take flavours and authenticity away from them. This is a land of contrasts in the landscape, in its monuments, in the food…do not hesitate, come and enjoy it!.

If you are from Campo de Montiel… take advantage of this web to favour our land, as a communication tool to spread  and promote it. Let us start by ourselves, by our friends and neighbours; let us wide open our eyes to look a bit further; to start showing off about our district, rather than about our own village.

This web page is my personal tribute to Campo de Montiel, by doing what I know how to do, to design and create tools for promoting and selling products and services. It is much easier to advertise when the product is good. This is the case of the Campo de Montiel District, whose potential is still to be discovered and in which I totally believe.

Carlos Barraquete